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About Us

Our mission at IQFAF is to create a space where queer filmmakers and artists can not only showcase their work but also contribute to a global dialogue that promotes inclusivity, understanding, and social awareness. Through the lens of film and art, we strive to shed light on diverse experiences within the LGBTQ+ community and champion the importance of representation.

IQFAF unfolds in five dynamic quarters, incorporating four online events and culminating in a physical festival hosted in the vibrant city of Las Vegas, Nevada. The online events, accessible to all free of charge, feature screenings, insightful interviews, and live panels with prominent artists, musicians, and filmmakers. Submissions for these events are welcomed through the FilmFreeway platform.

Rules From Charter 

Article 4

4.1 The first online event of IQFAF shall commence inFeb 2024.


4.2 Submission Fees:

   - All submitters must pay submission fees, and MQFF Academy members will receive a 25% discount on submission fees for each festival.


4.3 Submissions:

   - Submissions for each event shall be accepted through FilmFreeway.


**Article 5: Rules and Guidelines:**

5.1 Inclusivity:

   - IQFAF is committed to showcasing diverse voices, perspectives, and experiences within the queer community.


5.2 Respect:

   - All participants and attendees are expected to treat each other with respect and dignity.


5.3 Selection Criteria:

   - Films and art will be selected based on creativity, relevance, and the ability to contribute to the dialogue on queer issues.


**Article 6: Awards:**

6.1 Recognition:

   - Awards shall be given to outstanding films and art in various categories during the physical festival in Las Vegas.


6.2 Jury:

   - The jury will consist of Academy and IQFAF members.

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