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Robert Jerome Pagan (Rjeromep)

Renowned for his prolific career spanning over three decades, Robert Jerome Pagan stands as a distinguished Puerto Rican and Mexican American theater and film director, widely acclaimed for his substantial contributions to the entertainment industry. Originating from California, Robert's narrative is one characterized by unwavering diligence, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to the artistry he passionately embodies.

An accomplished author of multiple fiction novels and short story collections, Robert's creative prowess extends beyond the literary realm, establishing him as the esteemed host and creator of the Pagan's Story Franchise. His early initiation into the world of directing, writing, and creation set the stage for a transformative educational journey, encompassing institutions such as Cal State East Bay, Pacific Conservatory of Performing Arts, Ashford University, Las Positas Community College, and Chabot Community College.

Robert's journey has been punctuated by the direction of over 250 community and professional theatrical shows, a testament to his dedication and mastery. Notable among his accomplishments are the founding of successful theater programs, including the Los Banos Community Theater Program, Fifth Wall Theater Project, Workshop 44, and Los Broadway.

The crowning jewel in Robert's repertoire is the award-winning series "LAST GASP," a groundbreaking creation that has resonated globally, earning recognition as a cultural milestone. As the visionary director of the critically acclaimed "An American Posada" and the recipient of numerous awards for his micro-short film "The Artist," Robert's impact on the industry is undeniably profound.

Robert's influence extends beyond the screen and stage, as evidenced by his accolades, including being honored as Activist of the Year by the Merced LGBTQ Center and serving as Theatrical Director for the Northern California Renaissance Faire for six years. Additionally, he held the esteemed position of California State Contact for the American Association of Community Theater for six years.

The theatrical plays crafted by Robert, such as "Scapino’s Revenge," "Wonderland: The Alice Story," and "Romeo and Juliet: Jerome Version," have garnered multiple awards and accolades, solidifying his status as a luminary in the field. Venturing into film, his directorial and production ventures, including "Last Gasp Season 1" and "An Oscar Winning Movie The Movie The Series," have received critical acclaim and numerous accolades.

Robert Jerome Pagan's journey stands as a testament to the transformative potential of diligence, dedication, and passion within the entertainment industry. His creative footprint has left an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of audiences worldwide, and it is undeniable that, with his unmatched talent and relentless drive, Robert will continue shaping the landscape of groundbreaking works that inspire and captivate for years to come.

Jeffrey Weissman,

Back to the Future Part II and Pale Rider

"Robert is a great inspiration to talent on events, and satisfies clients needs time and again. I've worked with him in several capacities on many projects, with Robert as director and administrator, where he's always been easy to understand, and delivers instructions and creates a harmonious team. And as a co-performer, where he excels with supporting the shows and fellow performers with great aplomb. "

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