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Perfectly Queer Soars into IQFAF: A Celebration of LGBTQ+ Identity

The International Queer Film & Art Forum (IQFAF) is thrilled to announce the selection of Perfectly Queer, a powerful and heartwarming short film by Carin S. Jacobs. This captivating exploration of LGBTQ+ identity is set to ignite conversations and spark self-acceptance among audiences this July.

Six Stories, One Voice: Embracing Diversity

Made possible by a grant from the California Arts Council, Perfectly Queer features six individuals from the LGBTQ+ spectrum sharing their unique stories through staged monologues. Each narrative, expressed through voice, movement, poetry, ASL (American Sign Language), and dance, celebrates personal growth, evolution, and the profound journey of self-love.

Love in All Its Forms: A Universal Experience

While some stories may tug at your heartstrings, others will leave you brimming with hope. Perfectly Queer transcends the boundaries of genre, offering a tapestry of human experience that resonates with all. At the heart of each story lies the universal language of love – love for chosen families, love for oneself, and the love that blossoms in anticipation of parenthood. Witness the kaleidoscope of love's expressions in this film and discover how it empowers individuals to embrace their authentic selves.

Costumes as Storytelling: A Visual Feast

Carin S. Jacobs, the film's director and a renowned costume designer, brings a remarkable visual element to Perfectly Queer. Each performer dons a custom-made costume, meticulously crafted to embody their story. Imagine the impact as these narratives unfold:

  • A playful pair of female zoot suit pants declares "SHE" on one leg and "THEY" on the other, a powerful symbol of gender fluidity.

  • A dramatic jacket crafted from blackbird feathers evokes a sense of mystery and transformation.

  • A breathtaking set of hand-painted wings symbolizes freedom and the ability to soar above limitations.

  • A vibrant bomber jacket adorned with a whimsical cat and a sunset backdrop reflects a personal and unique journey.

  • A magnificent wedding dress emblazoned with the ASL sign for love celebrates love in all its beautiful forms.

  • A vibrant pink dance dress declares "Ariana" instead of "Barbie," playfully challenging societal norms.

  • A whimsical Superman cape reimagined with a bedazzled emblem proclaims "Disneyland...the GAYEST place on earth!"

Perfectly Queer is more than just a film; it's an experience. It's an invitation for audiences to see themselves reflected in the diverse voices and vibrant costumes. It's a call for understanding, acceptance, and ultimately, the celebration of being perfectly queer, perfectly you.

Witness the magic of Perfectly Queer at IQFAF this July! Don't miss this opportunity to be moved, inspired, and empowered by the stories it shares. Mark your calendars and get ready for a truly unforgettable experience.

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