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Join the Fun: 'Love Culture' at the International Queer Film Forum"

Get Ready for Laughter and Love with "Love Culture" at IQFAF Round Two. A Delightful Rom-Com at the International Queer Film and Art Forum

The International Queer Film and Art Forum (IQFAF) Round Two is thrilled to showcase "Love Culture," a hilarious and heartwarming romantic comedy that explores cultural differences and family dynamics. Directed by the talented Dimitri Callwood-Jackson, this film will also be available on the Robert Jerom Pagan Creations YouTube channel in July. "Love Culture" tells the charming story of two men from different cultures navigating their engagement with the help — or hindrance — of their disapproving mothers.

A Glimpse into "Love Culture"

**Director:** Dimitri Callwood-Jackson

Synopsis: "Love Culture" is a romantic comedy about two men from different cultures who are recently engaged. They invite their mothers to dinner to share the news. Unbeknownst to them, their mothers meet beforehand and, intending to disapprove of their sons’ union, join forces. However, the evening quickly takes unexpected turns, leading to a night filled with laughter, misunderstandings, and heartwarming moments.

About the Director: Dimitri Callwood-Jackson

Dimitri "King Meech" Callwood-Jackson is an award-winning screenwriter and director based in the DC Metro area. A graduate of Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Screenwriting and Animation, Dimitri is passionate about inspiring and uplifting marginalized voices. His recent work focuses on the queer black experience, aiming to tell stories that spark important conversations and drive change in black communities.

Exploring Themes of Culture, Love, and Acceptance

"Love Culture" blends humor with heartfelt moments to explore the cultural nuances and familial challenges faced by a queer couple. The film showcases the unique dynamics between the characters, highlighting both the comedic and poignant aspects of their interactions. As the mothers of the engaged couple come together with the intention of opposing the union, the story takes unexpected twists, leading to revelations and newfound understanding.

Callwood-Jackson's direction brings a vibrant and authentic perspective to the narrative, ensuring that the film resonates with diverse audiences. "Love Culture" is not just a romantic comedy; it’s a celebration of love, acceptance, and the importance of representation.

Join Us at IQFAF Round Two

The International Queer Film and Art Forum is dedicated to showcasing diverse voices and perspectives in queer cinema. "Love Culture" promises to delight audiences with its witty dialogue, engaging characters, and touching story. Join us at IQFAF Round Two to experience this wonderful film and engage in the conversation about love and cultural acceptance.

Stay Connected: For more updates on IQFAF and to watch "Love Culture" in July, visit the Robert Jerom Pagan Creations YouTube channel. Join our vibrant community and celebrate the richness of queer storytelling through cinema.

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