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Exploring Identity and Society: 'The King of Spain' at IQFAF Round Two

Unveiling "The King of Spain" at IQFAF Round Two

Explore Leonard Volkmer's Deep Dive into Identity and Society

Join us at the International Queer Film and Art Forum (IQFAF) Round Two for the premiere of "The King of Spain," a compelling journey directed by Leonard Volkmer. This introspective documentary delves into the personal odyssey of Volkmer himself, tracing his quest for identity through Berlin darkrooms, Madrid clubs, and the archives of a provincial psychiatric ward.

Director Spotlight: Leonard Volkmer

Biography: Leonard Volkmer, born in 1996, embarked on a multidisciplinary academic journey before finding his passion in visual communication at the Kunsthochschule Kassel. His artistic exploration spans photography, video, and sound, reflecting a deep commitment to exploring the intersection of personal narrative and societal conflict.

Film Synopsis: Identity, Society, and Psychosis

Overview: "The King of Spain" draws inspiration from Nikolai Gogol's short story, where the protagonist's descent into psychosis mirrors Volkmer's own journey of self-discovery. Through a blend of psychiatric reports, autobiographical texts, and multimedia compositions, the film chronicles Volkmer's premature hospitalization and his subsequent empowerment through revisiting pivotal locations from his past.

Key Themes:

  • Identity Crisis: Volkmer grapples with his sense of self amidst societal pressures and personal turmoil.

  • Artistic Expression: The film combines archival photographs with contemporary video and soundscapes, capturing the essence of Volkmer's artistic evolution.

  • Social Commentary: Through Volkmer's narrative, "The King of Spain" critically examines the conflicts between individuality and societal norms, inviting viewers to reflect on their own paths to self-acceptance.

IQFAF Round Two: Experience "The King of Spain"

Don't miss the opportunity to witness Leonard Volkmer's profound exploration of identity and society at IQFAF Round Two. Engage with the complexities of queer cinema as Volkmer's journey unfolds on screen, offering a poignant reflection on mental health, artistic expression, and the quest for belonging.

Stay Updated: For more information on IQFAF and to watch "The King of Spain," visit the Robert Jerom Pagan Creations YouTube channel in July. Join us in celebrating diverse voices and transformative narratives in queer cinema.

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