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Celebrating Family: 'Letter to My Daughter' at IQFAF Round Two

Exploring Identity and Parenthood: "Letter to My Daughter" by Jess T. Dugan

Experience the Heartfelt Journey at IQFAF Round Two

Dive into the deeply personal and moving narrative of "Letter to My Daughter," a poignant autobiographical video directed by Jess T. Dugan. This compelling piece delves into the profound experiences of parenthood, identity, and love through the lens of a queer and nonbinary parent.

Director Spotlight: Jess T. Dugan

Biography: Jess T. Dugan is an acclaimed artist known for their explorations of identity through photography, video, and writing. Their work, exhibited globally and held in prestigious museum collections, reflects a profound sensitivity to personal narratives and the nuances of human experience.

Film Synopsis: A Tribute to Parenthood and Personal Growth

Overview: "Letter to My Daughter" unfolds as a heartfelt letter from Dugan to their daughter, Elinor. Set against a backdrop of intimate snapshots, ultrasound images, and family photographs, the video chronicles Dugan's journey into parenthood. It navigates the complexities of fertility challenges, including experiences with both known and anonymous sperm donors, as well as the emotional landscapes of miscarriage and loss.

Key Themes:

  • Identity and Parenthood: Dugan courageously shares their reflections on parenthood as a queer and nonbinary person, highlighting the transformative impact of raising a child.

  • Love and Connection: The letter encapsulates the profound love between parent and child, capturing the intense emotional bond that transcends words.

  • Personal Growth: Through vulnerability and honesty, Dugan explores the personal growth and challenges faced on their journey to becoming a parent.

IQFAF Round Two: Embrace "Letter to My Daughter"

Don't miss the opportunity to experience "Letter to My Daughter" at IQFAF Round Two, where Dugan's narrative unfolds with sincerity and authenticity. This touching portrayal celebrates the diversity of family experiences and underscores the universal themes of love and resilience.

Stay Updated: Catch "Letter to My Daughter" on the Robert Jerom Pagan Creations YouTube channel in July. Join us in celebrating narratives that resonate deeply and inspire profound reflection on parenthood and identity.

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