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Robert Jerome Pagan Creations
Casting Calls

Trillberry Murders 


We are needing to film added scenes for the film to be completed. In the scandalous town of Trillberry, where gossip and sex scandals run rampant, chaos ensues when the infamous serial killer Mophet the Prophet returns on a mission to rid the world of gay twinks. As fear grips the town, a group of film students, led by the virginal protagonist Cameron (Jake Leahy), find themselves at the center of the madness.

With their eccentric teacher Oscar (Robert Jerome Pagan) - a washed-up filmmaker with a colorful past - by their side, Cameron and his tight-knit friends must navigate a landscape of absurdity and danger as they confront the unhinged killer terrorizing their community.

As the body count rises, Cameron is forced to confront his own identity and desires, grappling with the question of "who's my daddy" amidst the chaos. With crude humor, irreverent wit, and no shortage of outrageous antics, Trillberry Murders is a raunchy, politically incorrect comedy that pushes boundaries and leaves audiences gasping for air between laughs. Will they outsmart the killer, or will Mophet's rampage put an end to Trillberry's twinks once and for all?

Greg -
(name may change)

Day Player. Male. 18-26

Greg, a slender young man embodying the archetype of a "DL twink," assumes the role of the inaugural victim, dubbed the "scream queen," in the film. The scene pays homage to the iconic sequence from the original "Scream" movie, albeit with a twist: Greg finds himself preparing for a late-night rendezvous while house-sitting. Sporting an athletic or slender build, with no specific ethnic prerequisites, the ideal candidate should boast short to medium-length hair and exhibit comfort while appearing shirtless and in a towel on camera.

Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Total Pay: $50.00 - $100.00 for an estimated 4 hours of work (flat rate)

Trevor -
(Name may

Day Player. Male. 18-26

A flamboyant and fearless twink prowls the park in search of a late-night hookup. With an effeminate demeanor and fierce presence, this character exudes confidence as they navigate the nocturnal scene.

Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Total Pay: $50.00 - $100.00 for an estimated 4 hours of work (flat rate)

The Chronicles of Cody Spilis



Casting "The Chronicles of Cody Spilis" (working title), a near-future dystopian short film exploring themes of love, identity, and persecution in a society where queer individuals face oppression. Directed and produced by multi-award-winning Queer BIPOC filmmaker Robert Jerome Pagan, known for his visionary works like "Last Gasp" and "An American Posada."Synopsis: Set in a dystopian future, the film follows Cody Spilis, a charismatic and athletic young man who becomes a symbol of resistance against the oppressive regime. The narrative delves into two pivotal moments in Cody's life: his encounter with the love of his life and the events leading to his capture by the New American Government. At its core, the film is a poignant love story that challenges societal norms and explores the resilience of the human spirit.Expected completion and release by July.

Cody Spilis

Lead Male. 18-24

Athletic and charming, Cody is a lover of art and literature. He evolves into a courageous figure, smuggling queer Americans to safety. The role requires emotional depth and versatility.Note: no nudity but must be comfortable in underwear and with same sex intimacy.

Ethnicity: White / European Descent

Cody’s Partner
Lead Male. 18-24

A free spirit unapologetically queer, undergoing a significant emotional journey. The actor must portray the character at different stages of life.

Ethnicity: Asian, Black / African Descent, Ethnically Ambiguous / Multiracial, Indigenous Peoples, Latino / Hispanic, Middle Eastern, South Asian / Indian, Southeast Asian / Pacific Islander

Grand Sergeant
Lead. 30-49

Leader of a rogue militia tasked with hunting down Cody and his group. All body types welcome.

Ethnicity: White / European Descent

Baron Hunters

Supporting. 18+ Male and Females (Cisgendered) Casting 6

Member of the Grand Sergeant's unit.

Ethnicity: White / European Descent

Queer Refugees

Supporting. All Genders. 18+


Members of Cody's group seeking safety. Aim to cast individuals representing diverse aspects of the queer community.

Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Dates & Locations


Rehearsals begin April via Zoom and in-person; shoots May primarily in outdoor locations around Las Vegas and nearby areas.


Compensation & Contract

Cody Spilis: Lead Deferred: Agreed amount based on project success

Cody’s Partner: Lead Deferred: Agreed amount based on project success

Grand Sergeant: Lead Deferred: Agreed amount based on project success


All other roles: Not Paid


Additional: Non-Union Project. This micro-budget passion project offers reel footage, acting coaching, IMDb credit, access at multiple Queer Film Festivals.


Key Details Seeking talent from Henderson, NV; Las Vegas, NV. Non-local talent may apply but we can not provide housing. 

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